NOVEMBER 2017: Garth Fagan Dance Has Spectacular Shows in LA!

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

"Appreciating them for their surface values alone, the dances present a stream of visual surprises; a deeper dive into the gestures inspires

the audience to share in Fagan’s ecstasy."

- LA Times

Garth Fagan Dance Has Spectacular Shows in LA!

Once again Garth Fagan provided a stellar return to

The Ebony Theatre in Los Angeles, October 27-29, 2017. Two evening and two matinee performances gave audiences a chance to lose themselves in the artistic genius of Garth Fagan and his long-time muse Norwood (PJ) Pennewell. Both offered West Coast Premieres - "In Conflict" by Fagan and "A Moderate Cease" by Pennewell, in addition to revivals of beloved classics - Prelude, an excerpt from Life: Dark/Light, and the joyous tribute to Geoffrey Holder - Geoffrey Holder Life Fete...Bacchanal. Notable celebrities, Tavis Smiley and Wren T. Brown also enjoyed a performance and had the opportunity to mingle with Garth Fagan and the dancers!

The company consists of high-powered and

talented dancers, this concert proves that

Garth Fagan is one of this

country's finest dance artists.

-LA Dance Chronicle