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"Consider the Fagan program a prime example of the versatility and sophistication of concert dance in this new century." Lewis Segal, Los Angeles Times


"This is a brilliant company." Clive Barnes, New York Post


"Fagan's dances are perhaps the most profound and original in contemporary dance today." Robert Johnson, The Star-Ledger


“Only the greatest choreographers achieve true originality. It takes inventive genius to transform that familiar object, the human body, sometimes by turning it only a few degrees in one direction or another. Garth Fagan…is such a wizard.” Robert Johnson, The Star-Ledger


“Garth Fagan is the master of speed, flight, and stillness.” Sid Smith, Chicago Tribune


“An evening spent with Garth Fagan Dance always ends too quickly. Yet time passes in all its fullness during Fagan’s wondrous dances.” Robert Johnson, The Star-Ledger


“Fagan’s choreography always demonstrates his sure sense of form. His dances, unlike many being made today, are watertight—enclosed systems with their own rules, vocabulary, import.” –Village Voice


“Fagan’s dances are mostly appreciated for their physical intensity, but they are constructed with steel-beamed logic and challenge the mind as well as the eye.” – Joseph H. Mazo, The Record


“The dancers are superb—perfectly trained instruments for Fagan’s imagination—and the company and its repertory provide a real hope for putting that word “modern” back in modern dance.” –Clive Barnes, New York Post


“What’s remarkable about this assemblage is the ease of the fusion; Fagan has made the mix his native tongue, a means of expression he uses with unselfconscious fluency.” –Tobi Tobias, New York Magazine


“The whole troupe looks in remarkably fine fettle. It’s a dance must-see.” Clive Barnes, NEW YORK POST


“One word of warning about Fagan’s choreography – it’s addictive. See one performance and you’ll feel the impulse to see more. There is no cure, but there are worse afflictions than exquisite good taste.” John Pitcher, DEMOCRAT AND CHRONICLE


“The eclectic purity of Fagan’s kinetic vision is a unique phenomenon on the contemporary dance scene.” Allan Ulrich, San Francisco Examiner

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