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garth fagan dance school

Public classes & Student Ensemble: FALL semester

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What is the Fagan Technique?

The Fagan technique is the teaching method that Garth Fagan, company founder and artistic director, developed hand-in-hand with his own choreography when he started his ensemble in 1970. The technique is a singular dance language drawing from the sense of weight in modern dance, the torso-centered movement and energy of Afro-Caribbean, the speed and precision of ballet, and the rule breaking experimentation of the post moderns.

The technique is dynamic and powerful and prepares the body for the wide range of movement found in 
Garth Fagan’s choreography. Fagan Technique has long been recognized for its ability to increase the 
performing careers of dancers, a direct result of its emphasis on coordination, flexibility, seamless transitions, strength and musicality.


Student Ensemble:
September 7th - December 3rd

Adult Classes:
September 6th - December 3rd 

Children's Classes:
September 10th - December 3rd

No classes Wed 11/09 though 11/19
(Connecticut and Joyce Season)

Teens/Adult Tue/Thurs evening Classes have been cancelled until further notice










Adult Technique

10am - 11:15am

Student Ensemble

6pm - 8pm

Adult Technique

10am - 11:15am

Student Ensemble
5pm - 6:30pm





3 - 4 year olds

9:15am - 10am

5 - 7 year olds

10am  - 11am

8 - 12 year olds

11am - 12:15pm

Adult Community Class

11am - 12:15pm

Student Ensemble Rehearsals

12:30pm - 2pm

Fall Classes Anchor

Student Ensemble

To Encourage Education and Growth

Meet the Garth Fagan Dance School’s Student Ensemble, a diverse dance team of youth ages 5-18, who train in the Fagan Technique, rehearse, and perform original choreography. 
The Ensemble is a guided immersion for youth in the professional rigors of a dance career.  The program takes place in the Garth Fagan Dance studios, is taught by professional dancers, and includes regular visits by Mr. Fagan.  These cultural ambassadors for contemporary dance perform throughout the year at area festivals and corporate events. 
The yearlong immersive experience culminates with the Student Ensemble performing on stage in matinee shows for the Company’s home season.

Choreography:  The Student Ensemble performs original choreography by William J. Ferguson II and Davente Gilreath based on Fagan Technique and using eclectic and wide-ranging music selections.

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Children's Classes

Engaging With the Local Community

We invite children and youth of all ages to step into the Garth Fagan Dance studios!  Our youngest dancers explore rhythm and match body movements to the beat through group dance.  School-aged dancers begin a progressive study of the Fagan Technique, learning its vocabulary and developing the strength and coordination to execute the movement sequences.  Classes are taught by our professional company dancers who use dance training to teach discipline, work ethic and creative expression.

Adult Classes

To Provide Quality Entertainment

Whatever your motivation--seek a creative outlet, elevate your fitness level, resurrect the dance training of your youth, explore an unrealized dream—you will find like-minded adults at our classes. And you will come away with increased muscular strength, flexibility, posture, over all body awareness and resiliency to stress!  Our professional dance teachers are your guides since all Garth Fagan Dance studios are without mirrors.

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